Confused about what to eat, how to prepare it, and what is good for YOU, not someone else?

What does low-glycemic index mean? How do I cook with Nutritional Yeast? Sea Vegetables?  What is Chaga? Is table salt good for me?

Being confused about food, and not in-tune with yourself and your needs, leads to falling off whatever "diet" you're on (again), frustration, binge eating, and unhealthy habits.

Let me help guide you through the world of whole foods, how to prepare them, and also expand your pantry knowledge to include more superfoods, herbs, and whole foods that you may not be using & show you how to start incorporating them into your life!

"Understand the difference between being on a diet and living a healthy, holistic lifestyle."


Stop getting defeated by diets * Stop the hating, shaming, & negative relationship with yourself *Stop regaining the weight you’ve lost * Stop the crazy workouts *Stop starving yourself *Stop feeling confused about what to eat or how to prepare the “healthy” foods that are out there *Stop the fatigue, mood swings, anxiety, puffiness, acne *Stop feeling overwhelmed with what to cook *Stop feeling angry* STOP  feeling unsatisfied in your life *STOP feeling disconnected to yourself *Stop the roller coaster cravings*STOP the migraines and hormonal headaches 

Working with me you'll:

      Find what foods works for YOU

  • Have more confidence in the kitchen

  • Gain “food intuition” – Know what, when, how to eat

  • Heal your body

  • Restore your health, up your immunity

  • Lose weight in an authentic manner and therefor keep it off

  • Learn how GLUTEN, SUGAR, DAIRY directly affects your endocrine system, blood sugar, blood pressure, and everything in between.


Breakfast Bowls
Fun, Healthy Party Recipes
Satisfying Snacking Foods